Custom Built Caravans Melbourne, Australia

A Future System Caravan is a one-of-a-kind original.


We understand that everybody is different. For those who live and breathe cross-country travelling, these people have different images of makes the perfect caravan. No two customers want exactly the same thing – this is why our flexible and reputable design process allows an infinite way of unique interior layout possibilities for an affordable, luxurious custom-built caravan.

Unlike other caravanmanufacturers, our factory is not a production line. We both invite and encourage you to be a part of the creation process whilst our head builder and designer Frank Bottaro personally builds your caravan with a level of craftsmanship unlike anything else found in Australia.

At Future System Caravans, we don’t tell you what you can’t have. We make exactly what you want.

Unique Fibreglass Construction

Future System’s custom-made caravans utilise a signature groundbreaking one-piece fibreglass construction. This provides many benefits over regular aluminum caravans, including:
  • No joints
  • No J-Moulds
  • No external screws or silicone
  • No leaks
  • Double insulation
  • Better sound proofing
  • Aerodynamic, fuel efficient shape
  • Worry-free towing

You’ve never experienced caravanning until you’ve experienced towing and holidaying in a revolutionary one-piece fiberglass caravan made by Frank Bottaro and the Future System crew.

Unmatched Experience

Frank Bottaro, head designer and builder at Future System Caravans, has a saying:

Excellence through thoroughness.

When you’re travelling in a Future System Caravan, you can see that Frank’s actions speak louder than his words. With over three decades of experience in the Australian caravan industry, Frank has built up a reputation as one of Australia’s top caravan designers and builders. In 2016, Frank continues his lifelong quest for mobile home perfection, bringing you the ultimate in affordable luxury caravanning.

Future System Caravans are unique – there’s no production line to be found here. Frank will personally build your entire caravan from start to finish, ensuring an unmatched a level of quality that other manufacturers simply cannot beat!

If you’re looking for the best custom-built caravans Australia has to offer, get in contact with Future Systems today.