In today’s busy schedule everyone wants to get small or adventures trip when they get an opportunity. It might be casual weekend getaways down by the coastline or a serious adventuring through the sunburnt outback or to take deep feelings of ocean breeze or to experience the beauty of coral leaves of Aussie Island. To keep this mind Caravan Builders Melbourne has developed Luxury Caravans in Australia with unrivalled craftsmanship and precise attention in details. They are designed for every customer according to their needs, choice, and taste. Future System Caravans is offering latest design along with exclusive features like electric steps, leather upholstery to chic interior style and many more! Thinking about the first impression? Well, once you get entered inside our modern luxury caravans, you will get to feel like a heaven. You will experience luxury in every point, from the classy LED lighting system to the impressive sound system, form high-quality interior decoration to all the modern gadget facility and more of all everything is controlled with just a portable device! When it comes about our Luxury Caravans in Australia, we are providing lavish caravans like the fifth wheeler caravan, Jet Monoblocco, and Monoblocco 2. In our updated products, you will get to experience incredible utility that you won’t be able to find from any other caravans provider.

Luxury Caravans Australia

Luxury Caravans Australia

We are inviting you to join in our luxurious caravan’s world- why we are popular?

Here are some reasons why significant populations rely on Future System Caravans. We are offering a diverse model of caravans with great signature fibreglass construction along with 30 years of experienced expert craftsmanship. We have our head builder and designer Frank Bottaro, who is helping to meet our customer’s personal needs and taste. Therefore we are offering Luxury Caravans in Australia that is perfectly made for your next adventure all around our great sunburnt country. Our products will help you to get home like feeling even in the middle of a trip because of its interior design, luxury facility, and modern technological features. In our custom made a caravan, we are offering a master bedroom, living space, storage space, bathroom and beautiful window furnishing. On the other hand, we are offering guaranteed durability and style you can’t get from anywhere.

Our range of offering Luxury Caravans in Australia that makes us popular

Well, once you look over our product range, you will get to see our three major luxurious products that are serving our customer with trust. They are Fifth wheeler caravan, Jet Monoblocco, Monoblocco 2.

Fifth Wheeler Caravans

Our custom made fifth wheel caravans are the luxurious way to travel all over Australia all around the year with full comfort and luxury. Our designer Frank Bottaro has created the highest standards vans with a long list of facility and features. Years of experience helps us to make this groundbreaking innovation and to give complete revolutionise in fifth wheel Luxury Caravans in Australia design. We developed it from a unique one-piece fibreglass construction along with high-quality interior layouts and fittings. We are offering you exclusive features like well designed single bed model, spacious layouts with slide-out compartment, café style seating facility, massive storage space with a sizeable front wardrobe, completely dry rear bathroom, excellent kitchen design with slide out pantry, electric steps, hydraulic switch operated jacks, a dual battery compartment, and a generator. The things are not ending here! Out custom made new and improved the towing system is offering more secure, reliable and durable driving experience.

Jet Monoblocco

If you are looking to find the definition of luxury outdoor living, Jet Monoblocco is its solution. It is one of the most popular Luxury Caravans in Australia built from a passionate artist and expert professionals to boost their three decades of experience. You will not find any other alternative option of it. It is perfectly shaped for caravans and developed with maximum aerodynamic and streamlined option. Future System Caravans has made it with signature one-piece fibreglass body along with a massive range of top of the line features. Wind can drag its minimum. Therefore the towing is entirely effortless and workfare. In this Luxury Caravans in Australia, you will get to experience stunning interior fittings and will give you a feel like home during your trip. Contact Future System Caravans to get these enthusiastic, affordable and luxurious Caravans for Cheap. Here are some external features you can get once you buy it:-

  • It has 6-inch duragal galvanised chassis.
  • You will get to see 15-inch alloy wheels along with tandem straight axel 50 ml with 10-inch electric brakes.
  • There are Two 18 gallon grey water tanks with the metal guard in this Luxury Caravans in Australia.
  • Powder coated rear bumper bar with quality internal vinal.
  • You will get Rock and roll suspension with shock absorbers along with fully sealed fibreglass Ca* air con air command
  • Windguard antenna with 2 skylight hatches.
  • It has 2 fan hatches for shower and toilet and 1 solar panel of 130 wat.
  • Inside the van, there are 5 double power points and 3 single power points with LED touch light sensor.

Monoblocco 2

This Luxury Caravans in Australia is one of the innovative masterpieces from head designer Frank Bottaro. Here you will get ventilation for gas hot water system on the right-hand side and the standard roll up and roll down awning system on the left side. It has formed from an immensely strong one-piece monocoque structure with no joins, no J- modules, no external screw or silicone; therefore there is no chance to get any leaks. Here you will get plenty of cupboards, bench space, and light along with good designing features. However, Future System Caravans is offering:-

  • This Luxury Caravans in Australia has High quality aerodynamic, streamlined features along with functional style.
  • There is innovative one-way signature fibreglass construction.
  • Get 30 years of sophisticated touch on its finish and design.
  • Top loading washing machine is sliding out from the vanity.
  • There is Separate shower cubical on one side of this caravans.
  • Comfortable seating room for your family or new found friends around for drinks or dinner.

The latest all fibreglass bodied Monoblocco 2 developed by Frank Bottaro is a well finished and beautiful designed custom-made alternatives in Australian recreational vehicles world. Contact  Future System Caravans to get this Luxury Caravans in Australia.