Following are top 10 benefits of having a Fifth Wheeler Caravan –

  • Not much maintenance needed – All the expense & maintenance hassles are with the motor home & towed vehicle combo. This is especially true for you. You would like to do as much of the vehicle maintenance jobs as you can! Having only the older diesel truck to think about against a complex motor home & small car simplifies things to a great extent. There are lesser moving parts to cause us a breakdown on road.

  • Fifth Wheeler Caravan

    Fifth Wheeler Caravan

    Prefer a Truck as Our Regular Fifth Wheeler Caravan – It is a personal preference, but one must have always liked to drive a larger vehicle like a van or a truck. You would feel a little safer in an accident & other drivers tend to respect your size. Constructed with mostly steel & tipping the scales at over ‘7000 lbs’ it is going to take a serious crash to harm us in a bad manner. It is something to take into consideration when you are like us over and over again travelling out of your home country depending on extended health bills in case of hospitalization. With the heavy-duty construction of our Fifth Wheeler Caravan, on is less fearful of damage when one is out exploring off road areas. Some of the roads can get really rough; many of the smaller vehicles just are not built for the abuse. To end with, the truck is needed to tow the boat of one’s wife around when summering on an island. Saves you the hassle of renting one every time it has to be launched or moved.

  • Best Bang for the money – One could have an original budget of 45,000 dollars for a rig. You will able to buy a brand new Fifth Wheeler Caravan and an older mint condition 1-ton diesel truck for less than that. If you would have tried to go with a ‘Class A’ or even ‘Class C motor home’ it would have been fairly old with a possibility to turn into a ‘money pit’. In addition, some type of small tow vehicle would be needed. The costs tend to be less with a truck & trailer as opposed to 2 powered vehicles.

  • Easy for you to work on – Because a motor home combines the engine, drive-train and regular vehicle electronics with the ‘RV systems’ it is much more complex than a Fifth Wheeler Caravan. You would love to do modifications/upgrades and repairs on your rig. Having only the basic 5th wheel electrical, propane, and plumbing to take into consideration you will find it way simpler to work on with lesser chances of inadvertently causing harm. With a motor home, you would have all the regular vehicle wiring & mechanics to worry about.

  • Lots of Storage Space – Our Fifth Wheeler Caravan has a large pass through basement storage area along with a roomy front compartment. Because of the taller interior, a 5th wheel trailer has extra storage areas up high not present in a travel trailer or motor home. Our cougar takes awesome advantage of this, particularly in the kitchen area. Even though the truck has a big hitch on it with the ‘8-foot’ bed, there is still enough room for 2 large tool chests. Storage space was high on the list when RV shopping and a big reason a Fifth Wheeler Caravan fit the bill.

  • Maximum Roominess in a smaller Length RV – Comparing apples to apples (28 ft long and a single slide out) you do not find any other RV types roomier as compared to your 5 wheeler caravan. Being 6 feet tall the high ceilings, in some of the places 8 feet, make a huge difference & really open up the place. The same length motor home ‘loses’ a bit of space eaten up by the ‘front dash’ area. You can see the recent renovation wrap up post for a proper look inside.

  • You can back out of tight areas – Most of the motor homes towing a small car need to be incredibly careful when heading down an unidentified road just in case it dead ends without a sufficient turn around space. Due to the tiny towing setup, it becomes too simple to jack knife the towed vehicle causing damage. So, they are left with having to cut off and back out the rig unconnectedly. With a Fifth Wheeler Caravan, it is simple enough to just back it out. Instant backing up ability can be extremely handy when fueling up in smaller, full of activity stations or rapidly grabbing a back-in campground site, thereby, making life on the road a little easier and simpler.

  • If the truck breaks down in the middle of the road you still have a house to reside in – If your truck needs to go in the repair shop which might take so amount of time, at least, you have all of your stuff and familiar home to be in for a while and wait. Sometimes Fifth Wheeler Caravan owners are able to keep living in it, if the shop permits it but other times a trip to a hotel might be in store. If they have a pet like us it creates more complications.

  • It is extremely stable when towing – Because of its heavy pin weight & the hitches placement right over the axle of your heavy duty 1-ton truck towing 5th Wheeler Caravans in Australia is extremely stable. You will have no problem with sway & other than degraded fuel mileage ‘wind’ has a marginal effect on the handling. Our fifth wheels front nose is pretty rounded, so slips via the air much better than a ‘flat fronted RV’.

  • Large water & waste tank capacities – When you shop for a potential RV, you will notice that the Fifth Wheeler Caravan came with some of the biggest waste and water tank capacities. For case in point, your roughly ‘28-foot Cougar’ might have a ‘60 gallon’ fresh water tank and three ‘40 gallon’ waste tanks. You must have wanted to do lots of dry camping during your annual 6-month trips so the more, the better!