Three things that made fibre glass most popular are, durability, stability and efficiency, and for this reasons, fibre glass is using more and more in residential as well as commercial construction for past few decades. It is providing the benefits like super insulation, structural performance, lower embodied the energy and new design option. When it is used to build Fibre glass caravan in Australia, it offers a number of significant advantages.

Fibre glass caravan Australia

Fibre glass caravan Australia

Advantages of fibre glass

There are some points which make fibre glass more popular-


Fibre glass has the ability to wrap around the corner. Therefore it is one of the most substantial materials used for fitting and heavy corner bracing.


One of the most significant advantages of fiberglass is the ability to mould in large sections. It helps form a rear or complete van into perfect aerodynamic shapes.

Maintaining the coat

The latest range of fibre glass is offering more resistance to UV rays and prevents it from getting fade or discoloration. That’s why it is mostly used in Fibre glass caravan in Australia.

Impact resistance

Fibre glass has higher impact resistance quality. A small bump may effect on the aluminum roof, but it leaves fibre glass in undamaged condition.

Thermal conductivity

Fibre glass has a high thermal conductivity which makes it super-insulating material. It preserves the overall performance for a life-time!

Low thermal expansion

Fibre glass is the most durable farming material and has low thermal expansion which helps to maintain structural integrity and minimizes the chances of warping or leakage. That why it is the first choice for the construction of Fibre glass caravan in Australia.

Environmental friendly

Fibre glasses are eco-friendly, doesn’t produce corrosive salt air or high temperatures and help the environment to stay cool, and pollution free.

Excellent U-factor

Fibre glass is offering 89% better insulation and has U-factor around 0.2- 0.3, therefore helps to prevent the surface damage in variable temperature.

Comparison between the Aluminum caravan and fibre glass caravan

If you want to save money and increasing gas mileage both at the same time, Fibre glass caravan in Australia is your destination. For superior gas mileage, weight and aerodynamics are two crucial factor. Fibre glass has lighter weight and streamlined shape that provides better aerodynamic compared to Aluminum. Here are some comparisons between aluminium vs fibreglass caravans that make fibre glass more popular over aluminum.

Better insulation property

Fibre has better insulation property towards thermal and electrical conductivity. It has the thermal conductivity 800 times less than the aluminum material. Since it has low thermal conductivity, therefore, it is offering 86% of the yield strength compared to aluminum. On the other hand, it makes fibre glass’s life expectancy almost around eighty years plus whereas aluminum has almost 40year less than the fibre glass.

Fibre glass caravan in Australia is very easy to maintain

If you go for an aluminum caravan, you need to maintain it regularly because smooth aluminum has less susceptible nature towards the yellowing over time. You need to polish it now and then to keep it shine and clean look, which cost more.

On the other hand, fibre glass is very easy to clean because the dirt will not stick to it. You can remove the dirt easily with a microfiber cloth in no time after a trip.

Easy and affordable repairing

A Fibre glass caravan in Australia needs little repair over time. There is specific technology available which helps to repair fibre glass easily for decades. Also, the entire repairing cost less than the repairing of the aluminum caravan.

Resistant to water ingress

The overlapping walls or any kind of roof joins can cause the water to get entered into the caravan. In the aluminum caravan, the walls are made up from overlapping the slides by joining on by one. So there is a massive chance that water entered into space.

But a Fibre glass caravan in Australia is a Best Built Caravans that is a single, hollowed piece with no joins or seems. There is no way for water to get entered inside the cabin.

Strength and durability

Fibre glass has more strength and durability compared to aluminum one. It has a flexural length of Lw 30 ksi and Cw 10 ksi; compression strength of 30,000 psi, and tensile strength of 60 ksi. It has 86% of yield strength than aluminum because aluminum has a flexural strength of 35 ksi only. Also, fibre glass has more strength than aluminum in the lengthwise direction. And it makes it more durable too and helps your caravan to run long life range.

Finishing and style

Fibre glass caravan in Australia has customized design along with beautiful finishing and distinctive colors. It does not need pre-finishing; only a composite design is enough to show its beautiful finish. But since aluminum has just silver colors, therefore for other colors need pre-finish with anodic coatings and paints.

Amazing resale offer

For aluminum caravan, you need to do pre-finish and polish before you are going to sale it. Because, over the time the windshield and body become faded, and suffers from decolonization. Also, you need to repair the join and overlapping point.

But for Fibre glass caravan in Australia,  you don’t have to repair or maintain that much; the next owner is waiting to buy it due to its popularity, strength, durability, design, and affordability.

Soundproof and streamlined features

Since the fibre glass caravan is made up of single and hollowed piece of fibre glass, there is no joins or seems present in its body. And this thing helps to get soundproof and streamlined features inside the cabin. Whereas in Aluminum caravan there are lots of joins and overlapping surface and you can’t expect these features. Therefore Fibre glass caravan in Australia is the best choice.

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