When it comes to finding the very best luxury caravansMelbourne cross-country travelers rely on Future System Caravans! We produce three diverse models of Australian-made caravans all with our amazing signature fibreglass construction, expert craftsmanship and over 30 years’ experience from our head builder and designer, Frank Bottaro. Each Future System Caravan is personally built by Frank according to your custom needs and tastes – this means your caravan will be the perfect fit for your next adventure around our great sunburnt country.


At Future System, we have harnessed years of experience together with groundbreaking innovation to completely revolutionise the fifth wheel design.

The Fifth Wheeler features our unique one-piece fibreglass construction and high-quality interior layouts and fittings. Not to mention a slew of fantastic extras like electric steps, hydraulic switch-operated jacks, a dual battery compartment and a generator! If that wasn’t enough, our brilliant new-and-improved towing system is far more secure, durable and reliable than anything before it.

A Future System Fifth Wheeler isn’t just a caravan – it truly is a luxury mobile home.

Need certain features or extras? We custom-build to give you exactly what you want!


The brand-new Jet Monoblocco series is the definition of luxury outdoor living!

Built with the passion of an artist and the professionalism of an expert boasting over three decades’ experience, you won’t find any other Australian caravan like this!

The Jet Monoblocco is the perfect shape for a caravan, making it as aerodynamic as possible. With wind drag at a minimum, towing is completely effortless and worr- free. It also includes Future System’s signature one-piece fiberglass body and a huge range of top-of-the-line features, plus stunning interior fittings – you’ll feel right at home in the Monoblocco Caravan. Melbourne caravanning enthusiasts – this the affordable, luxurious mobile home you’ve been looking for!


Building upon the popularity and success of the Jet Monoblocco, the Monoblocco 2 is Future System Caravans’ newest addition to its already fantastic range of Australian made caravans.

Personally designed and built by Frank Bottaro, the Monoblocco 2 features all the key features of the Jet Monoblocco but adds a new shape to our signature one-piece fiberglass exterior, a storage boot and a front window. This is the definition of affordable luxury!

As with all Future System Caravans, you can design your own interior to suit your tastes and needs and be a part of the construction process at our factory in Campbellfield, Victoria.

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Luxury Caravans Melbourne

Offering an unbeatable range of caravans’ including the Fifth Wheeler caravan and a set of luxury caravans Melbourne competitors just can’t beat is just part of the Future System Caravans difference. Made with Future System Caravans’ specialist one-piece fibreglass body, all of our caravans are built for maximum functionality and maximum comfort.

At Future System Caravans, we’re able to offer truly unbeatable, luxuriant and lavish caravans because of our decades’ experience in caravan manufacturing. Frank Bottaro, our head designer and builder, has been designing caravans for over 30 years. In that time, he’s built countless caravans, many of them completely unique because of our commitment to providing a truly customisable service, your very own Future System caravan is like none other, tailored to your exact needs and preferences. When it comes to creating caravans, Melbourne-based Future System Caravans is truly ahead of the game.

One of the truly fantastic features of Frank Bottaro’s luxuriant designs is the one-piece fibreglass body. We build our caravans out of a single, hollowed piece of fibreglass with no joins or seams, our designs are guaranteed to be leak-free, soundproof, streamlined and well insulated.

Our Fifth Wheeler caravan is one of our most popular styles we’re always making sure that our caravans stay innovative and practical. The unique fifth wheel design ensures that it stays secure, with dynamic towing that’s easier than ever. Built with truly high-end interior design, as well as a whole range of great extras including electric hydraulic switch operated jacks, electric steps and dual battery compartment The Fifth Wheeler caravan offers the best in domestic comfort, wherever you go.

When it comes to purchasing a lavish caravan Melbourne buyers won’t find anywhere else, our luxury Monoblocco range including the Jet Monoblocco and the Monoblocco 2 offers indoor bliss for lovers of the great outdoors. The Jet Monoblocco is made with a focus on aerodynamic design, ensuring that your towing experience is as comfortable as your caravan living. The Monoblocco 2, an update on the previous design that includes an added front window and storage boot, has incredible utility that you won’t find with any other competitors.

But at Future System Caravans, we know that comfort is a personal thing that’s why we’ll custom-fit and custom-build your caravan at our Campbellfield factory to suit your exact needs. So call us on 1300 414 822, and help us build you the caravan of your dreams.