Good news for all those, who are waiting for long to get their own caravan but can’t afford due to its high price. In modern trends, enthusiastic travellers want all home-like comfort and facility during their trip, at this point caravans give them the perfect solution. Often it has been seen that the price has gone high due to its manufacturing cost as well as interior cost. To keep this in mind a 30 years old manufacturer and designer Frank Bottaro has developed some unique and amazing and is offering these Caravans for Cheap! Future System Caravans is offering those innovative design caravans that have one piece fibreglass body with no joints and modules. All our caravans are built to ensure our customer’s maximum comfort, maximum functionality, and affordability too.

Caravans for Cheap

Caravans for Cheap

Our decades of experience in manufacturing Industry help us to develop this Custom Made Caravans in Australia that is luxuriant and lavish. Our head designer has made countless caravans, and many of them are unique and innovative because of our commitment that we have made to provide a genuinely customisable service to our customer. We are your own caravan manufacturer and supplier designed and tailored Caravans for Cheap according to your exact needs and preference. So, when it comes about developing caravans, we are a game-winner and always stay ahead of the game.

Innovative and practical style caravans are on your affordable range!

Once you look over the unbeatable range of caravans of Future System, you will experience Frank Bottaro’s luxuriant design with one piece of fibreglass body. Our caravans are made up with a single, hollowed piece of fibreglass with no joints, modules or seem, therefore we are providing guaranteed quality caravans that is leak free, soundproof, streamlined, aerodynamic, and well insulated and more of all you can buy all these Caravans for Cheap! We are offering fifth wheeler caravans, Jet Monoblocco, and Monobolocco 2 and we are always making sure that all our products stay innovative, unique and practical. We are the oldest and experienced Caravan Companies in Australia, ensures that our product secure, truly high-end interior design along with dynamic towing that is easier than ever! Not only that, you will get electric steps, dual battery compartment, as well as a whole range of great extras facilities including the electric hydraulic switch, operated jacks in our customised products.

Now you are free to get your desire designed Caravans for Cheap

Future System Caravans is allowing you to build your desired caravan according to your needs, taste, and dream. Our head designer will ask you about your desired size, shape, design as well as interior decoration. The things are not ending here you can also demand the measurement of additional space, living space, storage space, bedroom, lounge and so on and also their decoration. On the other hand, our aerodynamic and streamlined design will ensure that your towing experience is as comfortable as the caravans living. Our Monoblocco range Caravans for Cheap is offering you indoor bliss for the lover of the great outdoors. We understand your personal needs. Therefore, we are ensuring your comfort by our custom fit and custom build caravan at our Campbellfield factory, Victoria according to your needs.

Variety of custom-built caravan of Future System Caravans

Future System Caravans has three unbeatable ranges of caravans. I.e., fifth wheeler caravans and the other is Monoblocco range that is Jet Monoblocco and Monoblocco 2. All the three products have developed in such a way that it stays innovative and practical in style. We are three decades of experienced caravans supplier that has helped us to make these Caravans for Cheap.

Luxurious Fifth wheeler caravans

It is one of the well demanding diverse model luxuriant caravans spacially made for those who like cross-country travels. It is made up with Future System’s signature fibreglass construction. In these caravans, you will get to see the touch of three decade’s experienced expert craftsmanship. It has designed by high-quality interior construction for perfect and accurate layout and fittings. You will get to see, or you can enjoy a slew of fantastic extra features such as hydraulic switch operated jacks, a dual battery compartment, electric steps, and a generator in our Caravans for Cheap. If you consider the towing system we are offering secure, reliable and durable towing system that you have not experienced it before.

Unbeatable Jet Monoblocco

Do you know the true definition of modern luxurious outdoor living? Once you experience the Jet Monoblocco of Future System Caravans, your answer will be here and at this particular point. It is a true solution to comfort and modern luxury. You will enjoy modern technological advantage along with modern interior decoration and a comfortable atmosphere inside your cabin. Though it is made up from Future System’s signature one-piece fibreglass body along with large top of the line features and a stunning interior fitting we are offering these Caravans for Cheap! Here you will get fully sealed fibreglass air conditioner with power coated rear bumper bar. Here you will get roll our awning; pull out picnic table external led light and tunnel boot. It has classic style high-quality timber Vic ash cabinets and cabinet doors with push bottom locks. If you wish, then we can set a radio, 4 speakers and CD also.

Durable Monoblocco 2

Monoblocco 2 is developed by Frank Bottaro after getting immense success and popularity of Jet Monoblocco. It is another masterpiece from Future System Caravans that has all features like Jet Monoblocco along with some extra features like a new innovative shape added with our signature one-piece fibreglass exterior, a storage boot, and a front window, and you will also get these Caravans for Cheap!  It has a polycarbonate bench and table tops along with queen size bed. You will get stainless steel quality sink with mixer tap along with hot water system gas and electric suburban. Here you will get five double power points and three single power points along with LED internal touch light sensor.

Do you want it in cheapest? Okay, visit our official website and look over our very cheap caravans for sale.