A custom build caravans are the modern custom build vehicle in which you can enjoy your trip comfortably and in a home-like environment. Australia is one of the best touring location in the world for hills; coral leaves to desert all in one. You might have a question that why to choose a caravan over any other luxurious vehicle for touring purpose. Well, in any other luxurious vehicle you can’t get that much comfort that caravans can provide you.  Caravan Manufacturers in Melbourne has developed various on the road, off-road family friendly caravans that will help you to get home-like atmosphere and comfort during the entire trip. For a particular time, you will forget that you are in a moving vehicle! From a master bedroom to modern design kitchen, modern electronic gadget facility to the heating and cooling system, highly accommodate bathroom to double tank water storage system everything you will get within your cabinet that you get in your home.

Caravan Manufacturers Melbourne

Caravan Manufacturers Melbourne

Australian Caravan Manufacturers has developed custom range products that are offering you a large lounge, living and dining space as well. Therefore it is beneficial for large family or groups or the ones who have their kids. Future System Caravans is one of the top 10 caravan manufacturers Australia offering you the commitment and drive that will provide you a genuinely unbeatable mobile home experience.

Welcome to the caravans world of Future System Caravans- one of the best Caravan Manufacturers in Melbourne

Let us reintroduce you! Future System Caravans is three decades old, and experienced caravan service provider is serving our customer with trust for past few decades. We have our head designer Frank Bottaro who is designing and building premium caravans for over 30 years. Our continuous research, innovative idea, planning and design, and dedication make possible to provide you an unbeatable range of products. Our whole range of customisable and custom built Caravans Made in Australia will assure you of luxury and comfort.

 Once you choose us, you can trust that you are in good hands! We are one of the best Caravan Manufacturers in Melbourne personally take on and designed any of your specifications, needs, and request and integrate them into seamless and custom made builds. Australian travel enthusiasts are relying on our caravans for years due to premium design and truly feel like home on the entire trip. At this point, nothing beats Future System Caravans.

Different custom range products that Future System Caravans is offering

Future System Caravans is top of the line Caravan Manufacturers in Melbourne as well as in Australia, helping their customer by developing personalised and luxury caravan that lasts for years. Not only that we are offering you affordable caravans experience within your budget. We are utilizing our years of experience to develop and incorporate a vast range of unique construction techniques in order to ensure that your personalised, favorite and luxury caravan lasts for many years to come. We are one of the reliable Caravan Manufacturers in Melbourne, build our custom range caravans with a specific one-piece fibreglass structure. i.e., there is no joints, j modules, screws, and silicone, therefore ensuring that your caravans stay insulated, aerodynamic, streamlined, soundproofed and leak free, no matter where you are nothing can beat the durability, comfort, and quality of a Future System Caravans. Here are our top three custom built caravans with incredible structural integrity that we are offering to our customer:-

Fifth wheeler caravans

A fifth wheeler caravan is one of the most luxurious caravans made up by Caravan Manufacturers in Melbourne for cross-country travelers. It is one of the most demanding diverse models among those three luxury caravans developed by Future System Caravans and the head designer Frank Bottaro. It is made up with our fantastic signature fibreglass construction along with three decade’s experienced expert craftsmanship. If you are looking for perfect fit caravans for your next adventure in our great sunburnt country, the fifth wheel will be your great choice. Once you look over our products, you will get to experience our innovative features like unique one-piece fibreglass construction along with high-quality interior layouts and fittings. We are one of the best Caravan Manufacturers in Melbourne is offering you to get a slew of fantastic extra features like electric steps; hydraulic switch operated jacks, a dual battery compartment, and a generator. Is it not enough? Okay, here are some bit extras! We are offering brilliant, new and improved towing system that is far more secure, durable and reliable than anything launched before it. You can say it a truly luxury mobile home.

Jet Monoblocco

It is the true definition of luxurious outdoor living. Future System Caravans is one of the trustworthy Caravan Manufacturers in Melbourne, has made it as much aerodynamic as possible. Our passionate artist and experienced expert professionals are boasting over three decade’s experience to provide a perfect shape in caravan’s world. It has an entirely straightforward and workfare towing system. Our Jet Monoblocco includes Future System’s signature one-piece fibreglass body, and a massive range of top of the line features along with stunning interior fittings. You will feel home-like atmosphere inside the cabin. Here you will get high-quality timber Vic ash cabinets or modern liquored laminated cabinets. You will get full stove with oven domestic along with a microwave.

Monoblocco 2

After getting a huge success and popularity of the Jet Monoblocco, the reliable Caravan Manufacturers in Melbourne has built up another new masterpiece known as Monoblocco 2. It is personally designed by Frank Bottaro. It has all the features like Jet Monoblocco. Apart from that, it has an extra feature. It adds a new shape in our signature one-piece fibreglass exterior, a storage boot, and a front window as well. Not only that if you wish you can provide us the measurement, features related information that will suit your taste, and according to that we will build a custom made Monoblocco 2 in our Campbellfield factory, Victoria. We are the three decades old Caravan Manufacturers in Melbourne is offering you to know the true definition of affordable luxury.