The caravan is the modern luxurious vehicle in today’s world. It is the first choice of enthusiast travellers due to its features and the comfort it provides during the trip. If you wish to make a trip all around Australia without getting suffered from harsh and unpredictable weather, Australian made caravans are your solution. Caravan Builders in Melbourne is developing various kind and types of the caravan that has different features and facility. If you want to get the caravan that will be the perfect fit for your next adventure around the great sunburnt country, Frank Bottaro’s three decades experience in caravans manufacturing world is helping you to get the desired custom made caravans. If you look over the major Australian population in terms of finding the very best and luxurious caravans, the maximum numbers of cross-country travellers rely on Future System Caravans. Our head designer and Caravan Builders in Melbourne have produced three diverse model of Australian custom made caravans all with our fantastic signature fibreglass construction along with expert craftsmanship. Once you look over our products, you will get to see each and every Future System’s caravan is personally built by Frank according to our customer’s needs and tastes. If you research on the top list of caravan manufacturers, you will see Future System Caravans in a great position.

Caravan Builders Melbourne

Caravan Builders Melbourne

The facts you need to research about before you are going to buy a caravan

Caravan Builders in Melbourne is developing different types of off-road and family friendly caravans. The enthusiastic travellers make some mistake when they buy it and get poorly suffered during a fantastic trip. So it is necessary to research some facts before you are going to buy an Australian made caravan:-


The first thing you need to confirm that whether your caravans are durable, and give you long-term service or not. Because a caravan is very costly, if it fails to provide you with so, it will bring a huge loss in your pocket. So it is better to choose reliable Caravan Builders in Melbourne.

Aerodynamic features

Your caravan should be aerodynamic and streamlined in nature; otherwise, it can’t tolerate the frictional force of wind flow. To keep this in mind modern Australian Caravan Manufacturers has developed aerodynamic, structural construction so that it can travel in the harsh wind without getting suffered.

Comfortable, leak free and soundproof

If you wish to spend your whole trip in a good way, you have to ensure that your caravans are providing you comfortable, leak free and soundproof service. At this point Future System Caravans is your own reliable Caravan Builders in Melbourne, offering you one piece fibreglass contraction with all the above properties.

Towing system

Another important point you need to consider while you are purchasing a custom made caravan is its towing system. The towing system should be durable and effortless and can carry the weight of entire caravan. Future System Caravans is one of the reliable and experienced Caravan Manufacturers Melbourne, ensuring that your towing experience is as comfortable as your caravan living.

Why is the Future System Caravans the most reliable Caravan Builders in Melbourne?

Once you enter our caravans world, you will experience that we are offering truly unbeatable, luxuriant, and lavish caravans due to our three decade’s experience in caravan manufacturing. In the past 30 years, our head designer has designed countless caravans, and most of them are unique and innovative due to our commitment that we take to provide a genuinely customisable service. If you taste our custom made caravan, you will experience truly fantastic features of Frank Bottaro’s luxuriant designs in the one-piece fibreglass body because we build caravans out of a single, hollowed piece of fibreglass. We are a Caravan Builders in Melbourne, offering you luxury caravan with no joins or seems, therefore ensuring guaranteed aerodynamic, well insulated and leak free products. If you compare our caravans with other, you will see that our caravans are truly ahead of the game.

Custom range caravans of Future System Caravans

When it comes about buying a lavish caravan, you won’t find anything like our fifth wheeler caravans, Jet Monoblocco, and Monoblocco 2. Our Monoblocco range is offering a perfect indoor bliss for the lovers of great outdoors.

Fifth wheeler caravans

We are the oldest Caravan Builders in Melbourne, offering one of our most popular and stylish caravans and we are always making sure that our caravan stays innovative and practical. On the other hand, our unique design and development are ensuring that it stays secure along with a dynamic towing system that is easier than ever. It has truly high-end interior design along with a whole range of great extra facilities including electric hydraulic switch operated jacks, a dual battery compartment, and electric steps. You will get a feeling of indoor comfort in our custom made a mobile home, whenever you go for a trip.

Jet Monoblocco

Your three decades old Caravan Builders in Melbourne is offering a perfect shape of Jet Monoblocco by making it as much aerodynamic as possible. You can consider it an exact definition of modern luxury outdoor living. Our passionate artist and expert professionals are providing an expert boasting over our three decade’s experience. It will give you a minimum wind drag and a straightforward towing system. It consists of one piece fibreglass body along with a vast range of top of the line features. We are offering a stunning interior fitting that will help you to get a feeling like home.

Monoblocco 2

We are three decades old Caravan Builders in Melbourne, offering our customer the newest luxury caravan known as Monoblocco 2. It is our latest addition building upon the popularity as well as the success of the Jet Monoblocco. You can consider it a fantastic range of Australian made caravans, and call the definition of affordable luxury. Here you will get all the features like Jet Monoblocco. You will get one piece fibreglass exterior as well as a storage boot and a front window. If you wish you can design your interior design that will suit personal needs and tastes. We are inviting you to be a part of our construction process at our factory in Campbellfield, Victoria.