In Australian recreational vehicle world, the most fascinating things that happen are the developments of caravans’ world. A Best Built Caravans generally hitched on from a towbar at the rare position and is mounted with the front of tow vehicle’s rare axle. In modern tradition, caravans are popular due to the facility and luxury they are providing. You will get the following facility from a Luxury Caravans in Australia.

Best Built Caravans

Best Built Caravans

Additional space

Additional space is the main thing you can get from a caravan. Now you are free to get wide floor space as well as significant headroom! Now you can pack more full sized appliances and luggage depending upon the payload allowance of your vans. In a Best Built Caravans the further dimension has been increased to get the additional slide-out walls. For this reasons in many cities, it is used as a full-time residence.

Cost maintenance

In today’s world the cost of fuel is going high. At this point, class-A or class-C motor home, will give you a high diesel bill! For example, an F-350 truck for towing a Best Built Caravans cost about $30, but a class-A motorhome costs almost $300!

Storage space

Considering the storage place into count custom build caravans has fantastic storage capacity because of typically larger middle compartments and also it doesn’t have an engine or other driving parts inside the cabin.

Living space

Here you will get large living areas inside your caravans because of their special design and high ceiling. The square footage of inside cabinet is generally big. Best Built Caravans is helping you to get ideal caravans that has barrier of walls between the rooms.  For large family or groups it is a best choice.

Fuel economy

Now you will get benefitted on fuel economy. Nowadays the price of fuel is going high, but you can relax! Caravans is giving you a better fuel mileage about 11-14 mpg.

 Safety and Security

No one can give you that much assurance that a Best Built Caravans can provide you regarding your safety and security due to the airbags and crumple zone. On the other hand a caravan has two separate vehicles so you can assure your safety with cabin interlocking system.

Heating and cooling facility

Fibre glass caravan in Australia doesn’t have the engine inside it, so there is no way to coming up the engine heat inside the cabin and you will enjoy the benefits of heating and cooling facility. Due to the absent of gigantic sauna in front of the windshield you will get caravans inside climate comfortable.

Best Built Caravans has Creative floor plans.

The best thing you can experience from a caravan is its designing floor plan. You will get to see fantastic floor plan along with quality work and experience a floor like your home! The floors are specially designed to maximize the living space and you will enjoy more storage space now.

Top 10 caravans

Here are the top 10 best caravan 2018 that take the demand of caravan’s world into a different level.


It will give you a feel like a sumo wrestler in a wind tunnel! Aerovans are very practical and have brick like shape, streamlined caravan design, and aerodynamic structure, therefore, it will save you from high fuel expenses.

CR-1 carbon RV

It is a Best Built Caravans with 35ft long, six berths, and twin-axle prototype. It has an aerospace inspired carbon fibre monocoque shell. Once you enter inside the cabin, you will get a feel like a luxury apartment!

Lego caravan

They are basically produced by using woods, metal, and moulded plastic. However, you can call it the king of plastic caravans. It has a child like appeal with large backyard.

Knaus Tabbert Caravisio

It delivers an unmatched outdoor cinematic experience through the rear projection system that played a video on the smart glass sliding doors. Apart from this, the Best Built Caravans will give innovative design along with toned down luxury yacht on wheels.

BeauEr 3X

It is one of the modern RV innovations. It is basically a 22ft caravan with master bedroom, rear bathroom carried by an 11ft tin can be connected with a small hatch. The latest design an ample living space is the main things in these caravans.


It is ultimately an expander van with master bedrooms and balconies that can be rotated or slide out by pushing one or two buttons. This Best Built Caravans has green tech facility. It has 500W solar panels, a wind turbine, and a parabolic concentrator mirror.


You can call it a floating caravan. It has a special feature like water boat. It has a hidden helm that will help you to hide the boat steering until you hit in the water. The engine controls the entire system. Also, it has 180 liters of huge water storage.

Gadget brumby wild

This kind of Best Built Caravans is providing special features like innovative side out walls and king size bedroom space inside the cabin.


It has a helicopter style pane and front that will provide a helicopter like looks. It has curvaceous, composite monocoque like body, along with numbers of windows like light aircraft.

Adria Altea 4Four

Now you are allowing to design your own caravan with 29 possible exterior color combinations. It has unusual sidewall patterns along with four colors interior and exterior trim. It is one of the Best Built Caravans in Australia.

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