A caravan generally hitched on from a tow bar at the rare position and is mounted with the front of tow vehicle’s rare axle. In modern tradition, caravans are popular due to the facility and luxury they are providing. In Australian recreational vehicle world, the most fascinating things that happen are the developments of luxury caravans that are providing home-like comfort even you are travelling on the road. Australian Caravan Manufacturers has contributed their best to build these Custom Made Caravans in Australia. Caravans are exceptional vehicle useful for kids to an older person. Therefore it has a high demand. Following are some basic reasons that makes it that much popular.

Australian Caravan Manufacturers

Australian Caravan Manufacturers

Additional space

You will get one of the major benefits from a caravans is its additional space. You will get wide floor space as well as significantly more headroom! Now you are allowing to pack more full sized appliances and luggage depending upon the payload allowance. If you wish to get increase order of further dimension, you can consult Australian Caravan Manufacturers to get the additional slide-out walls. You can expend one, two or even three walls more.

Cost maintenance

Taking the standard oil charges in the count, you will get surprised that how much you are saving in a month due to less requirement o fuel. If you choose class-A or class-C motor home, the diesel bill will go high! For example, an F-350 truck for towing a fifth wheel cost about $30, whereas a class-A motorhome costs almost $300! Australian Caravan Manufacturers will help you out at this point.

Storage space

If huge storage space is your desired choice, then caravan is your solution. It has a fantastic storage capacity because of typically larger middle compartments. On the other hand it doesn’t have an engine or other driving parts inside the cabin.

Living space

Living space is one of the main things you would like to consider for your caravans. You will get more spacious living areas inside your caravans because of their unique design and high ceiling. Apart from that the square footage of inside space is generally ample. Australian Caravan Manufacturers is offering you ideal caravans for large family or groups that have wide seating space for large families. You will get privacy due to its barrier of walls between the rooms too.

Fuel economy

Caravans will give you a significant benefit on fuel economy. In today’s world the price of fuel is going high, but you don’t have to worry now. You will get a better fuel mileage about 11-14 mpg.

 Australian Caravan Manufacturers is ensuring your Safety and Security.

When it comes about the safety of you and your family while driving, no one can give you that much assurance that a fifth wheel can give you. The airbags and crumple zone is available in a fifth wheel. On the other hand, a caravan has two separate vehicles so you can assure your safety by the interlocking system of the cabin.

Heating and cooling facility

Australian Caravan Manufacturers has created a special type caravan that has an extra advantage in keeping the inside temperature in constant position. It doesn’t have the engine inside it, so there is no way to coming up the engine heat inside the cabin. Also, there is no large sauna in front of the windshield and is helping you to keep the inside climate comfortable and pleasant.

Creative floor plans

Caravan Companies in Australia has introduced a fantastic floor plan inside a caravan. Now you will experience the quality work from Australian Caravan Manufacturers. You will get a feeling of a floor like your home! The floors are specially designed to maximize the living space.

Variety of caravans available in the market

Basically there are two types of caravans available in the market, one is off road caravans, and the other is family caravans.

Off-road caravans

It is specially designed with standard layouts and optional extra finish so that it can suit perfectly with your personal needs. You are allowing to receive the desired specification.

Family caravans

Australian Caravan Manufacturers has made a wide range of family caravans, and you will get the desired one according to your needs. There are specific family caravans available in the market such as:-


There are basically two layouts rare or center entry door van has internal tandem-axle and weight of 2000kg. It is one of the affordable vans that have a classic master bedroom and an excellent bathroom layout.


It is the first choice of adventures mind who want to explore the world through the adventurous trip.


Every time you like to explore yourself in holiday trip, Australian Caravan Manufacturers are always ready to give you a comfortable journey experience through summit. The grand touring van is everyone’s choice who wants dream holiday.


It is especially preferable by a couple who want to enjoy a comfortable trip in a very compact and economical way. Now explore the unexplored!

Family friendly

This kind of van is ideal for kids who are going to enjoy the holidays. The little accommodation will provide maximum comfort to the kids.

Canyon Xtreme & Fc

One of the beautiful creations by Australian Caravan Manufacturers is Canyon Xtreme & Fc. The 20ft van is the best choice for those who want comfort, quality, and affordability. Here you will get a wide range of colors and style.

Rubicon toy hauler

It is one of the best preferable vans for those who want to enjoy some outdoor fun. It has a storage space for bikes, toys, gear, etc.

Why choose Future System Caravans?

We understand that everyone is different and therefore has a different budget and desire choices. At this point, our flexible and reputable design will allow you to find an infinite way of unique and innovative interior possibilities that make Future System Caravans top 10 caravan manufacturers Australia.  We are reliable Australian Caravan Manufacturers, is offering fantastic features along with Frank Bottaro’s luxuriant designs. We build a single, hollowed piece with no joins or seems. We are providing guaranteed well insulated, soundproof, streamlined and leak free caravans with innovative and practical style. You can buy our unbeatable range of caravans at a very competitive price. Now you will enjoy the maximum functionality and maximum comfort through our product.