Jet Monoblocco 18″ Series

If you’re looking to go caravanning in the great Australian outdoors, you won’t find anything like the Jet Monoblocco 18 Series. This is the product of thirty years’ refinement and innovation from master designer Frank Bottaro. A stylish mobile home built with passion and precision, no other caravans come close to touching the greatness of our Monoblocco 18 Series. Future System’s signature one-piece fiberglass body houses a huge range of top-of- the-line features and stunning fittings, including:

External Features

Internal Features 

… and that’s not even close to scratching the surface of the features packed inside and outside the Monoblocco 18 Series – this is truly the definition of a mobile home. Additional extras are available at your request.

The best part? For all these features and many more, our signature Monoblocco 18 Series can be yours for $59,000!