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Caravan Manufacturers in Melbourne, Australia

Frank Bottaro has been designing and building premium caravans for over 30 years.

With the commitment and drive to providing a truly unbeatable mobile home experience for his clients, he created Future System Caravans. Any and all of your needs and specifications are integrated into our seamless, affordable and luxurious custom builds. If you’re an Australian travel enthusiast searching for a caravan that feels like a home, no matter where you are, nothing can beat the durability, comfort and quality of a Future System caravan.

Our services incorporate a range of unique construction techniques to ensure that your personalised, luxury caravan lasts for years and years. Frank constructs his caravans to ensure they’re of the highest build quality.

A Future System caravan starts as one of our signature one-piece fiberglass structures. This means there’s no joints, J-moulds, screws or silicone keeping anything together. This guarantees your caravan maintains incredible structural integrity whilst staying insulated, aerodynamic, sound-proof and leak-free.

At Future System Caravans, we’re top-of-the-line caravan manufacturers. Melbourne cross-country travelers know we’re the first-choice when it comes to creating memorable caravanning experiences for years to come. Don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0418 888 086.

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